A perfect Saturday!

Today was a beautiful day in Madison! We started out walking around Art on The Square, which was filled will lots of people and lots of talent! We stopped at the Great Dane for lunch half way through and had some great food! After finishing the second half of the tour of the square, we were surprisingly ready for some more food! What to bake, what to bake? We stopped by the grocery store for inspiration and decided on red velvet cake pops! A couple hours later we had about 40 cake pops all set to be dipped and decorated. The first few didn’t go so well, as the cake balls started to lose shape from the heat of the white chocolate, but we kept at it and they got better! I didn’t have many options to decorate with but we made due! All in all, we still had a lot of fun and they still taste great! Next time we’ll have to test a few new methods on how to dip and decorate without ruining the shape of the cake balls. Now to distribute these all to some friends so we don’t eat them all ourselves….


Scone 2: Vanilla Bean Scone

There it is! 4 trials and 4 taste testers later…the perfect Vanilla Bean scone is complete! A moist, vanilla bean scone with a vanilla bean glaze on top: Beat that Starbucks! The shape was changed on the final batch, the classic look; circular scones! 16 hours later and the 2 batches no longer exist. July goal met!

Day 1

Today was our first official day! Kristie and I discussed our plan for the near future and kicked off day one with Pistachio Chocolate Chip Scones! We ran out of baking powder so Kristie and Sara ran down to Trader Joe’s only to be told that baking powder is “seasonal” and this is not the baking powder season; until September that is. (hah! have you ever heard that?!) With no baking powder left, we decided to call it a day.  It was fun and exhausting with a total of 2 batches made and 5 taste testers. The consensus: Delicious!